We invest in early-stage startups who provide clever solutions.

We seek problem solvers of the future.


is a privately financed venture capital  firm with flexible long-term investment approach. Our approach combines the discipline of a financial investor with the creativity and pragmatism of an entrepreneur.

Digital Health
Sustainable Technologies
We collaborate with companies that have a meaningful purpose that can change our perspective. Our expertise and the start-ups’ enthusiasm leads us to take innovative solutions one step further. We create the strategy with a global perspective and allocate necessary resources for the future, starting from day one.

Start and grow global, grow your wings with

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Start-ups are built on dreams; we incorporate our resources and expertise into these dreams to make them real in the most effective possible way.
We Understand. We listen to teams and the value they would like to offer.
We Invest.
We allocate resources for them to make dreams real.
We Collaborate. We work on strategies together, plan every step and put them into action.

We are a partner for innovative entrepreneurs.

We share the excitement of entrepreneurs who wish to change the world. Building strategies, action plans and forming a global vision is what we do best. We believe in the power of teamwork, and we are here to be the voice to your unspoken dreams.  
11Sight offers an easy-to-use video calling platform for businesses which enables one-click video calls without the need to install an application from any device. Have live discussions, record trips build trust and bring your business closer to your customers.
Magnus, which provides algorithmic fund creation and management services to financial institutions and investors, is a robo advisory technology that monitors and manages portfolios instantly. Magnus' unique algorithm also provides optimal asset allocation in line with the risk profile, expectations and constraints of investors while calculating the suggestions it offers.
Vispera is an image recognition and analytics company founded in 2014 by Prof. Aytül Erçil and Dr. Ceyhun Burak Akgül. With a vision of making image recognition a commodity service for the whole retail sector, Vispera provides retailers and suppliers with the missing data and insights they need to run better stores. It’s goal is to make its image recognition-based data analytics services and platforms become power tools for retailer and supplier companies worldwide.
TeaTechs is a software company to develop business applications for SME’s in local and international markets). They create smart IT solutions for all industries. Analyzing digital transformation needs and performing the best solution is what they do best. Their aim is providing accessible products and services with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.
Invite Wise to your meeting and it will punctually and silently attend to capture the content. It will then convert the conversation into text and place it into a searchable database. Wise will then extract relevant insights using natural language models and deep neural learning.